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Contact Lenses

Trying contact lenses may seem daunting but at Roots Opticians it couldn’t be easier. Modern contact lenses are so comfortable you won’t even realise that you are wearing them. They are brilliant option if you play sports or would prefer not to wear your spectacles on any occasion. Many patients wear their contact lenses most of the time.

Contact Lens Initial Appointment (also known as Initial fitting)

A Contact Lens Initial Appointment is required in order for the Optometrist to discuss your preferences in regards to contact lens types. If you have not worn contact lenses before you will require a contact lens teach. This is where a trained member of staff makes sure you can safely insert and remove lenses before you take them home.

You will require a contact lens assessment if

*You have never worn contact lenses before
*You have not worn contact lenses for a while
*You are a new patient at Roots Opticians
If you have your Eye Examination at Roots Opticians we will give you a free contact lens assessment* and teach.
During this appointment, our Optometrist will –

• Discuss why you are interested in contact lenses and what you want to use them for – this helps the Optometrist to recommend the most appropriate type of contact lens for you.
• Check the health of your eye to ensure that you are suitable for contact lens wear
• Take some measurements to ensure that you are fitted with the right contact lens
• Explain which types of contact lens are suitable for your needs
• Let you try some contact lenses so that you can experience how comfortable they feel. They may even try different types of lens in each eye so that you can assess different brands or options.
• Check the fit of the lenses and the vision provided by the lenses
• Ensure that you understand how to use and care for your contact lenses and that you are confident inserting and removing your contact lenses

Contact Lens Check-up appointment (Also known as a aftercare or annual check appointment)

A contact lens aftercare appointment is necessary to ensure the ongoing health of your eyes while you are wearing contact lenses. This appointment usually takes about 10 minutes

During this appointment the optometrist will check the health of your eyes, your level of vision and the fit and prescription of your lenses to ensure that the lenses you are wearing are still the best option for you. You should attend this appointment wearing your contact lenses and bring your current spectacles, contact lens case and solution with you to the appointment if you have them.

It is a requirement for your ongoing contact lens supply that you have your contact lenses checked in line with your Optometrist’s recommendation – usually this is one check-up per year but your Optometrist will decide the frequency required dependant on your individual requirements.