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Cool Kidz

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At Roots Opticians we believe children should be proud of their glasses. Nowadays wearing glasses is more accepted and at Roots Opticians kids have more choice then ever. We have hundreds of designs and models to choose from. At Roots Opticians we have a Qualified Dispensing Optician who is ready to advise you about the best fitting glasses for your child. Over the years we have had thousands of satisfied patients who been attending on a regular basis and have always received the best possible care we can provide.

Our Optometrist has extensive experience in Paediatric vision care and understands tben10he complexities and fragility of a child’s visual system. At Roots Opticians we recommend a child has an eye examination as early as possible. We feel all children should have a eye examination before they start at school, even if you feel they have no symptoms or visible problems.

If you have a family history of Lazy eye (Amblyopia) you should always make sure a child has an early examination so it can be detected early. Early detection of eye conditions allows your Optometrist to give your child the glasses they require, along with a wearing schedule and regular follow ups. spiderman

All children under 16 are entitled to a free eye examination under the NHS.

Our Optometrist along with his team have help detect, prescribe and manage the vision of many children.

We try and keep a large variety of frames for children. At Roots Opticians we believe your child’s vision comes first.