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Who can wear contact lenses?
Most patients can wear contact lenses safely, many of our patients have been told by other contact lens providers that their eyes are not suitable. This is very rare! most people can wear contact lenses safely if they follow the advice of the Optometrist. Children under 16 can wear contact lenses also. We have young contact lens wearer at our practice who use them for when they are playing competitive sports. The feedback we have received was very positive. Our patients find they feel they do not have to worry about glasses falling off or getting steamed up.

Can I wear contact lenses if i have Astigmatism or have a high prescription?

Yes you can. We have a wide range of contact lenses available, we are an independent practice and can order from a wide range of suppliers. Complicated prescriptions can be simplified so you can get on and wear your lenses without any worries.

I do not have the need for a prescription, but I want coloured lenses can you supply them to me?
All contact lenses are a medical device. They should be fitted under the supervision of a qualified practitioner. You will still need to have an up to date eye examination and a contact lens fitting in order for us to supply you with any contact lenses cosmetic or otherwise.

My eyes are dry can I wear contact lenses?
Yes you can! You have to speak to the Optometrist at a fitting appointment and after a careful discussion we can usually recommend a product and wearing schedule which may suit you.

Are contact lenses safe for playing sport? 

Yes. Soft lenses are safer than wearing glasses for most sports.

How much is a contact lens fitting?

Contact lens assessments are free to patients who buy their lenses from us. If you would like to purchase your lenses elsewhere we reserve the right to charge you £25. This includes all the services that have been included.

Will you show me how to put my contact lenses in?

Our team are trained to show you how to insert and remove contact lenses, as well as offering general advice on care and lens hygiene.

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